My Architectural Conservation class spent last Thursday documenting the Hedgecock Farmstead in High Point. As a daughter of an Interior Designer, I felt right at home measuring and recording the interior layout of the 1890s I-house with a rear “ell.” You can read more about the efforts to conserve the house and its property here and here.


In the world of Historic Preservation at UNCG, this past week involved a trip to the Hedgecock Farmstead in High Point, NC. As part of our Architectural Conservation course, we were responsible for the documentation of twelve farm buildings once used in tobacco farming operations. Our class split up into teams to collect measurements and photograph the landscape as well as the interiors and exteriors of the key and contributing buildings. We’ll be developing a packet of working drawings, 3D renderings, and images of the property that will set up later restoration efforts. The project will continue into the latter portion of the semester, interrupted by yet another conservation field trip during spring break as HP students take route for New York.

Contributed by: Dana Rojak [1st] year graduate student

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