About me

I am currently working toward a Master’s degree in Historic Preservation at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (this will make my second; my first is in History). My husband and I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which have been either beneath my feet or in my horizon for my entire life. I returned to school after a stint in the education and museum world, during which I learned how to be a jack of all trades, mastered the art of learning on the fly, and met some truly wonderful people. I have been a teacher, a writer, an editor, a sometime-fundraiser (mostly by proxy as part of development staffs), and a self-taught, web and graphic designer, which I find both infinitely enjoyable and challenging. The reality, though, is that as much as I loved my jobs and the people I worked with, my soul was not fulfilled.

Over the years, I have come to realize that I have always been a preservationist in my heart. I have instinctual and intensely personal reactions to old places–be it a historic building or a Civil War battlefield. I want to know the stories they could tell if their walls could talk. I credit my paternal grandmother for fostering this curiosity (along with my National Geographic collection). As a self-professed nerd, I love to read about history but love to feel history–to experience it–even more. Who knew there were multiple scholarly fields–Material Culture and Phenomenology–and a profession made just for people like me?

So, after much soul searching, I left my job in August 2012 and returned to school to pursue what has become my passion. I juggle commuting–I spend about 16 hours a week in my Prius–with two jobs and my classes, but I am motivated by my conviction that I did the right thing. I love my classes (like I said, I am a Super Nerd), and I absolutely cannot wait to put my education to good use. My job search will begin in earnest next spring, as I am set to graduate in Summer 2014.

Until then, this website will serve as a professional and scholarly outlet. Here you can find related school projects, my resume, and posts about history, historic preservation, urban planning, and other topics that I (and maybe you) find interesting and inspiring.


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