One year down, one to go!


UNC-G’s Field School 2013 in front of the 19th-century wash house that the group help to spruce up.

So, um … about this blog. Whose idea was it to undertake such a project in the middle of one crazy semester? Oh. It was mine. Oops! That wasn’t very smart, now was it? Now that it’s summer, I’ll try again.

The end of the first year of my “Grad School: Redux” experience came to a close in early May, quickly followed by a three-week “Field School,” which was an appropriate end to the spring semester in a variety of ways. I had a number of exciting educational experiences that left me feeling empowered and more confident in my professional future. Field School was part of that, though I did get overwhelmed as I added more and more skills to my “want to master” list. I chalk this up partially to ADD, but I think that even more it’s a good indication that I am doing something that I truly love! All in all not a bad problem to have!

My field school experience was just one of several “Eureka!” moments I’ve had in 2013. As I mentioned in my last post, this past spring, my cohort also had the opportunity to participate in Preservation Action’s  Lobby Day/Preservation Advocacy Week (during which I began to master the art of  talking about preservation in a persuasive way, an experience akin to learning a new language), take a preservation-themed tour of New York City over spring break, and receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful Crabtree Jones House from preservation specialist and tradesman Dean Ruedrich (who also led a portion of our Field School) and Myrick Howard, director of Preservation North Carolina. All of that plus a class with one of the most challenging (the good kind) professor’s I’ve ever had left me pretty overwhelmed (again, the good kind) and thankful for my Prius! 🙂

With each of these experiences, I have had the opportunity to meet a group of amazing professionals, many of whom have probably forgotten more about preservation that most people learn in a lifetime! Their work is truly inspiring and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from them.

My (revised) plan for the blog now is to upload some photos from these experiences and try again to reflect on them as I can (since my last attempt failed fizzled after one post). Summer is a bit less psychotic than the fall and spring were, though only just. I have some exciting projects I’m working on but I am MOST excited about our trip to the UK for a much-delayed honeymoon of sorts in July! I have never travelled off of the continent before, and I can’t wait! I have lots of nerdy historic tours and side trips lined up, so I’ll post pictures of those too.

*Note to self: Remember to schedule some down time during “summer.”